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Let's get to know each other, shall we? I suppose I'll go first...


I can't sleep without my baby blanket; I fell in love with my husband, Martyn, when we first dated at 17; I am the mother of two beautiful boys, named Covyn and Summit - they steal my heart every day with the dimple-cheeked smiles their daddy passed down to them; I'm a wannabe foodie; I never shoot a gig without carrying a bracelet my mom gave me just before I photographed my first wedding; I get a strange amount of satisfaction in using something until it's gone - a tube of toothpaste, the ink in a pen, a bottle of lotion; I'm loud and my family never lets me live this down; there are few things that comfort me more than the gentle presence of Joey, my female German Shorthaired Pointer; I treasure antique photographs and cameras and I'm thrilled to live in a house built in the 1830s that offers the perfect backdrop to display them; I love camping, the scent of wood fires and pine, and the sound of tent zippers as they open and close; I like to cook, but I've never followed a recipe in my life; I keep a four leaf clover in my camera bag that my Gram picked for me from her front yard; I'm a total freak for patterns and textures; I'm obsessed with condiments and I love cucumbers on my pizza; I'm a travel junkie, but no matter where I go I'll always be an Adirondack girl at heart; I was barefooted and blissfully happy the day my husband and I were married on the same tract of land that my great grandmother was born on on the shores of Lake George; I drink one cup of coffee a day --first thing in the morning-- and I love the hour of intense productivity that accompanies my morning-coffee-high; I love wide open spaces; I spend an embarrassingly large portion of my life in lounge wear; I ask way too many questions; every single time I head out to shoot a wedding, my husband hugs me tight and tells me two things: "You're going to do great" and "Knock 'em dead, babe." and his words ring out in my mind all day long and keep me movin'; I love trees - a strong, craggy trunk, or an interesting bend in a far reaching branch will stop me in my tracks; I love the awesome power that accompanies the ability to freeze time in photographs, and I have to pinch myself every morning when I wake up to the realization that my favorite hobby and one of my life's biggest passions has turned out to be my "job".


Since I was a child my way of seeing the world has centered upon a bottomless and bittersweet awareness that no single moment happens twice. This knowledge has always roused a disquiet within that is harnessed when I seize a fleeting moment in its first, final, and solitary beauty by capturing it through a photo. This is why I love to take pictures; they allow me to eat up the world within view and taste every moment -- bitter or sweet.


Photography is the art of appreciation. Thus, I prefer an image that renders its subjects in all the splendor of their authenticity, that depicts whatever quality captivated my appreciation at first glance. Perfection doesn't enchant me; reality does. And so each picture I take allows me to capture what I find enchanting in its own right with the hope that later, when I re-view it, it will reveal itself anew and stir my heart to quicken.


In addition to my love for photography, I am equally enamored by words. I hold a Masters in English Literature with a concentration in Therapeutic Writing, and I formerly taught writing courses at the State University of New York at New Paltz, The College of Saint Rose, and Sage College. I am perennially fascinated by the concept that two of my greatest passions are so divergent in nature; in some respect I suppose I turned to photography as a way to tell the stories words cannot capture. I could write for hours about the sweet fuzz on a newborn's back, a shared look between a couple in love, or the expression of delight on a child's face when she giggles, but often I prefer a photo to speak the stories only it can tell.


I'd love the chance to tell your story, so

...and tell me all about what makes your heart beat fast.

xoxo, Carrie

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