Hi, I’m Theresa

I believe that the most beautiful gift is being able to preserve precious moments in others lives that would otherwise be forgotten.  For as long as I can remember, as a child,  through college, and now as a mom of three, photography has always been a passion of mine.  My own love story and children, however,  drove me to want to pursue a career in photography.  After I met the love of my life and we started our family, that was it! All I wanted to do was freeze all these incredible moments of time, in the most beautiful way I possibly could! Sharing this passion with others by capturing their most precious memories was just as rewarding! I love bright colors soulful interactions and capturing intimate moments of love and laughter.  The goal of my photography is to capture each individuals unique style, personality and of course emotion! There is nothing I cherish more than organically capturing each individual.

I’ve worked with some truly incredible creatives and met so many amazing couples and families.  Following my heart, taking a few risks, traveling into the unknown by becoming a photographer and business owner has been a dream come true.  Well versed in the late portraiture trends and modern preferences,  I offer cutting edge imagery through a traditional and journalistic approach.  Capturing moments creatively and artistically, then delivering showpiece images that exude timelessness, elegance and beauty is my goal.  The mission of my photography is to deliver imagines that you simply cannot resist adorning your home with.  I am a visual artist, committed to preserving your most precious memories. Memories that can actually be seen, touched and felt everyday as you relive them on your walls, in your hands, and in your heart.  Stunning images, wall art and albums that will become heirlooms, which will tell your story for generations.

Sometimes I do put the camera down, not very often, but it does happen! Our three children and pittie, Tank, keep me very busy! You can find me in the mountains on a hike, at the lake swimming, boating or simply trying to float and soak up the sun. That’s right, trying to float, because let’s be honest, my kiddos don’t really allow relaxation until we’ve put in a good day of non-stop adventure! And since we are being totally honest, I’m a major foodie who also loves to cook, bake and go out to eat.  I’ve always craved the savory but after 13 years together and many cookie wars, my husband, the sugar monster has awakened my sweet tooth which I’ve fully embraced.  You should also know, coffee is a necessary part of my morning and quite possibly life.  Not only do I thoroughly enjoy a strong sweet brew with froth, without it my day is simply incomplete.  Being the creative that I am I also enjoy painting –preferably oil– sewing and really any kind of crafting.  My photography style actually stems from my love for painting.  Creating pieces of art through my images is what makes my photography unique & captivating.  Since I love most things outdoors, I do enjoy all the seasons, but if I had to choose, it would be totally ok if summer and fall made up the entire year.  Summer, because I love the sizzling heat followed by a refreshing dive in the crisp fresh water.  Fall, because how can you not adore that warm sun chased by the crisp air, kaleidoscope of colors outside. and snuggles with those you love.

I live to portray beautiful stories through my lenses, so you can relive your most precious memories with the same emotion you felt on that very day!  Capturing the magic and joy of these moments in the most authentic, unobtrusive way is what I strive for.  I would be honored  to photograph such extraordinary landmarks in your life.



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