Photo Journal


Hi, I’m Danielle

People always ask me why I chose photography as a career, and my response is something along the lines of “it kind of chose me!”  Right out of college I got the typical “big girl” desk job and as each day passed, I knew it was not for me.  I dreamed of not being chained to a desk and a 9 to 5 lifestyle.  I would spend my days looking at photography blogs and dreaming about a career that seemed so out of reach.  And then I bought my first camera; I was never the same after that day.  I needed to document everything and everyone I knew.  Thoughts of photography consumed my brain day after day.  I took some classes and found some amazing photographers to shoot with, and slowly but surely I started to build this career that I had only dreamed of.

There is no greater feeling in the entire world for me than capturing that perfect moment forever.  Knowing I made a memory for someone to keep forever makes me wake up each day excited to do it again.  My work and passion will be displayed in the homes of people, given as gifts, make people smile or cry, or maybe both!  I want to make a picture that one day someone will look back at and say “Oh my mom was so beautiful when I was a baby” or “Look at Grandma on her wedding day..what a fox!”  If you let me take your picture I can 100% guarantee you will hear me say “Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful” and sometimes a little dance may escape me!

I am obsessed  with love.  Whether it be a wedding day, family photos, or newborns.  I am constantly looking for those small moments where the love is palpable in the air.  The mission for me is to make an image that people will look at and feel what was happening in that moment all over again.

As for who I am.  I was born and raised in the Capital District and married my high school boyfriend, and here we are eight years later with two labs I adore.  I am an extreme extrovert so nothing makes me happier then being around friends and family, and meeting new people.  I love good wine and cooking a great meal for all of my people.  I love a good book and really bad TV.  There is always music playing in my home and I will go to my grave saying my happiest place on earth is at a concert.

Every person has a story and it would be my absolute pleasure to document yours!



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