Photo Journal


Schenectady, NY Engagement Photography | Amy & Jessica

What’s not to like about Amy and Jess?  They are friendly, they love to chat (like me!), and their smiles feel like the wide open door of a warm home on a cold winter day where inside a fire blazes and a pie bubbles in the oven.  But what’s better than smiles that sweet and inviting?  The smiles that they reserve for just one another – from their smeyesing, passionate sidelong glances, to the grins they share that all in one look say “I am yours, and you are mine, and I love you completely.”

By the time this session was done, their cheeks must have been trembling from all the smiling they did, but judging from these photos, their hearts must have been as full as ever.  From our gallivant through Schenectady’s Central Park Rose Garden, to our jaunt downtown, this shoot was filled with nothing but awesome vibes and great summer evening light.  I mean, just look at the images we wrapped with under the bridge.  What a glow!

As I shot, Amy and Jessica and I chatted about a hundred topics under the sun – from their fall wedding (which I’ll be photographing!), to their family of fur-babies.  But my favorite subject was the story of the night they first met.  And so it goes… Amy and Jess had chatted a bunch online before meeting in person for their first date.  To play it safe, they’d decided on seeing a show at Proctor’s with a few friends, which they likely paid little attention to as they were both far more wrapped up in the awareness of one another and the awesome little flame that burns when one discovers the object of their affection is equally as smitten as they are.  Following the show, Jess offered to walk Amy back to her car.  As they said goodnight, Jess pulled Amy into her and as they kissed, Jess reached up and put her hand against Amy’s face in a way that was simultanoeously passionate and sweetly reassuring.  Amy said it was in this moment, in that one little detail –Jess’ hand upon her cheek as she kissed her– that she “just knew”.

Some things in life you just know.  Without question.  And for Amy and Jessica forever began right there.



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