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Revolution Hall, Wedding Photography | Melody & Mark


Melody and Mark met as undergrads at RPI.  As the story goes, Melody asked Mark to get together to study for an upcoming test in a class they shared and, as they say, the rest is history.  Their connection was instant and undeniable and their college romance only deepened as the years went on. Together they charted the new and unfamiliar territory of life post-college and watched one another bloom into grown ups.  I can say first hand that there is no experience more enriching than watching the person you love slowly develop into an adult right before your eyes; it is this factor that has knitted the fabric of their bond so tightly.

To see these two together is a treat like no other.  Mark is seriously one of the kindest, most sincere, down to earth guys I’ve ever met and my thought on this was only amplified when I got the privelege to witness his and Melody’s private first look on the steps of The Approach on RPI campus.  The second she fell into his arms, and nuzzled her face into his chest, all of Melody’s nerves seemed to flitter away like a butterfly on a breeze.  Mark is clearly her rock, while she, calm and soft in her demeanor, is most definitely his delicate place to land.  But, quiet and reserved as Melody may first appear, her shell breaks without struggle and she can command a room with her entrance and rock an air guitar like no other!  Just wait and see.

In my years of photographing weddings, I must admit that it’s rare to see a day go off as smoothly and flawlessly as Melody and Mark’s did.  Chalk it up to their awesome planning skills, their easy-going attitudes, their super organized family and bridal party who were always right where they needed to be before I pressed my shutter, or to the amazingly picturesque campus of RPI (where it all began) where we shot a large percentage of the photos… but I believe it was fate.  Melody and Mark have spent a lifetime putting great karma into the atmosphere and it paid them back tenfold on their day.

Add to that the fact that the weather couldn’t have been more favorable and that Mel and Mark brought on what I call the ‘Wedding Vendor Dream Team’ for their day — from the amazing work of the stylists at Kylie and Co.; the beautiful ceremony officiated by Jim Manuel of We Marry U; the incredible service of Carrie Harkin and her staff at Revolution Hall; and the always awesome disc jockeying of one of the absolute best DJ’s around, Chris Hollister of Hollister Entertainment, and you’re sure to have a day that can’t be beat!

So without further ado, I give you Melody and Mark’s big day.  (Oh, and don’t go glossing past those detail shots – Melody and Mark’s DIY skills shine through their invitations, signage, and stained paint stir centerpieces.  And if you were in attendance, you won’t soon forget Mark’s awesome home brew skills.  I never, ever drink at weddings, but I couldn’t help but have a tiny taste of Mark’s “Hoppily Ever After” brew.  And, boy, was it worth it!)

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Revolution Hall | Bakery – Dolce and Biscotti | Hair and Makeup – Breanna Kirsch, Stacy Bean, and Julia Bello, Kylie and Co. | Music – DJ Chris Hollister, Hollister Entertainment | Officiant – Jim Manuel, We Marry U



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