Photo Journal


Saratoga, NY Engagement Photography | Brittni & Nick

I can’t get enough of everything about this shoot.  The colors, the setting, but most importantly, the couple! Brittni and Nick are the absolute sweetest. They met in college while they were both dating other people and although they stayed faithful to their respective relationships, they always knew there was something super special about the other that they couldn’t deny.  So when they finally ended up with each other, it was as if the stars completely aligned.

Brittni is a nurse and Nick is a police officer, who coaches high school football.  I can only imagine the stories they have to share about their hours on the clock on the rare nights that their schedules allow them to be together.  It’s not hard to see the solace they must find in one another’s arms at the end of a challanging shift; there is a gentle compassion, mutual understanding, and light-heartedness between them that will warm your heart while you’re in their presence.

The fact that I get the honor of capturing their wedding day just fills me with all the good feelings. Their fall 2016 celebration on Lake Placid is going to be sweet, spectacular, and something else. I can’t wait!



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