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Taste, Wedding Photography | Ariana & Jason

If asked how I will remember Ariana and Jason’s wedding day, the word I will forever return to is “steamy.”  Even before the sun rose, the humidity was thick as jam.  And as I walked from my car to the venue that morning to meet the girls, it actually felt like the atmosphere parted to allow me to pass. July had reached the height of its heat and it would only be alleviated through a good, long, cleansing rainfall; the dense clouds that ganged together and then dispersed again and again throughout the day reminded us of that every chance they had.  Despite the threat of bad weather, the skies held tight long enough for Ariana and Jason’s tearfully emotional and incredibly romantic first look, and then continued to extend us all a courtesy by holding off some more so that we could capture the outdoor shots Ariana and Jason so longed for on their wedding day.  But the onslaught of humidity made it hard to walk more than two steps without breaking a sweat and so Ariana, Jason, and their phenomenal wedding party and I dodged sunbeams and hid among the porticos and kind shadows cast by the large granite buildings downtown in an attempt to stay away from the sun’s grasp.  In my humble opinion, the results were most definitely worth it – the pink and grey donned by the bridal party blends perfectly with the building-scapes downtown.  And despite the heat, everyone was happy as can be and abuzz with excitement for all that was to come as the day progressed.

We finished up the photos outdoors and the bride and groom and their VIP crew found relief inside the air conditioned venue.  And with cold drinks close at hand they, along with Rabbi Anna Sugarman and their closet friends and family, joined together to sign the and ketubah. And then it was time for their ceremony! Ariana and Jason said I do in one of the most personalized, touching ceremonies I have ever seen – Rabbi Anna recounted how their lives collided –Jason grew up locally, and Ariana was born and raised in Brazil– but a hand far more powerful than their brought them together and they fell deeply in love.  And as the sun began to descend toward the Albany skyline and a clean yellow light beamed in through the windows behind them, Jason stomped the glass and the party officially began!  

Soon after the rain did fall, casting beautifully colorful skies over Albany and the entire joyous occasion.

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Taste | Florist – Carrie Bielinski, Blooms for Rooms \ Makeup – Polina Lounello, Polina Special Events Makeup | Hair – Smyrna Ariel | Band – The Metropolitan Players | Officiant – Rabbi Anna Sugarman | Cake – Amy Mears | Bridal Boutique – Lily Saratoga



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