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Newborn Photography, Albany, NY | Gregory

I adore this family and I feel so blessed that chose me to photograph yet another milestone in their lives – this time the arrival of their beautiful, precious little boy, Gregory Thomas.  It’s crazy how quickly time flies; it feels like just yesterday I was in Nicole and Shawn’s home photographing Gregory’s older brother Ryan when he was only a few days old.  Now Ryan’s three and he’s a total doll – as sweet and charming and full of wonder as he appears in the photos.

Nicole and Shawn are such incredibly kind, warm, and welcoming people and they deserve every last ounce of joy they have been given with the birth of their sweet little Gregory.  I wish them nothing but absolute contentment as they transition into this new life as they know it.

Oh, and can I give a shout out to Nicole on the nursery?  Isn’t her design sensibility just impeccable?  Anytime you want to come to my house and help a sister out on decor, Nicole, you’re always welcome – haha!

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