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Hayloft on the Arch, Wedding Photography | Austin & Adam

Austin and Adam’s wedding day wasn’t just any day… it was –as you’ll see proclaimed on their fans and photo booth backdrop– the “Best Day Ever”.  And it truly was.

The day started with a visit to Austin and Adam’s respective suites in the hotel at Turning Stone.  The energy in their rooms was just plain awesome – they were both so pumped for everything that was about to unfold and they were more than ready to get things started: the sooner they were ready, the sooner they could leave, and the sooner they would get to see each other for their first look – a moment they absolutely couldn’t wait for.

Adam hopped in my car with me to head over to Hayloft on the Arch and the next fifteen minutes probably encompassed one of my absolute favorite parts of the day.  Adam was so darn excited, he was like a little kid.  He was talking a mile a minute about how he couldn’t freakin’ wait to see Austin and how beside himself he was with anticipation for the two of them to start their new lives together as a married couple.  As we talked, I asked Adam to tell me the story of how he and Austin met (they first dated in college) and how they reunited after happening upon each other at a college reunion of sorts down in the city (Adam admitted he went there hoping Austin would show up too).  Adam described how complete he felt when they rekindled their romance and how he’s always known she was the one.  He told me how taken he’d always been by Austin’s beauty –inside and out– and how she brings the perfect sense balance to his life, a balance he simply cannot live without.

There is nothing quite as heartwarming as listening to a grown man break down all of his defenses and openly swoon over the love of his life, and I knew then –without reservation– that these two had something unmatchable.

When we arrived to Hayloft on the Arch, Adam wandered out to the beautiful rolling hillside to await Austin’s approach for the first look.  As he waited, he played “Sweet Child of Mine” as loud as it would go on his cell phone. He rocked out on his air guitar and he spread his arms out wide open toward the sky, welcoming the warmth from the sky and the good vibes the universe was pouring forth to him. I stood back a distance and photographed this without his knowing, totally in awe of how carefree and present he was in this moment.  As Austin rounded the corner, my breath caught in my throat – she was such a stunning sight to see.  Soft, loose curls fell around her face and her dress hugged her perfectly.  Adam was going to be blown away.

He later blamed it on the hay fever, but his tears were genuine and filled with a sense of relief and elation that all the many moments he’d shared with Austin brought him here. Later, as Austin’s dad walked her down the aisle in a beautiful moment of love and letting go, Adam clapped and smiled from ear to ear.

The day commenced with fireworks –a surprise Austin and Adam reserved for their guests– and as I photographed them watching the fireworks explode in the sky, I heard Adam turn to Austin and say, with complete sincerity and awe “I love this.”

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Hayloft on the Arch | Hotel – Turning Stone Resort | DJ – Rich Cranston and Rick Parisi, Encore Events | Hair and Makeup – Stephanie Orsomarso, Tease and Makeup | Event Planning – Brittany Wiederhold Brandt, What Box? Events | Catering –Dinosaur Bar-b-que



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