Give the Gift of Memories

Every moment we live is singular and fleeting. Photos capture seconds, enabling us to look back on them and recollect exactly what we felt in the second an image was taken - they are the best medium we have to preserve our experiences, share them with others, pass them down.


We never outgrow photos, they never fade. This is why a gift certificate to CLH images Photography makes a wonderful gift.


Gift the gift of...


Credit toward prints, canvases, photobooks, etc.


A maternity shoot for an expectant mother


A portrait session for a graduating senior


A sweetheart session for that special duo celebrating their anniversary


A glow session for the family in your life who's celebrating a big milestone

...the list goes on, and on...


Gift certificates are available in any denomination, big or small, so you can cover the cost of a whole session or simply contribute to one.

"Shower the people you love with love"



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