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Deliciously Different Specialty Items, Inc. | Featured Wedding Vendors of the Capital Region, NY

It didn’t take more than a second’s thought when it came to selecting the first catering vendor to be showcased on my monthly vendor feature. Deliciously Different Specialty Items, Inc. is, without a doubt, one of my favorite local caterers. Robin, her husband Mark, and their committed staff are the true definition of “service with a smile”.  They love what they do and you see it in the way they work.  Their warm personalities and North Country hospitality create an experience for their clients and their guests that extends well beyond their delicious and beautifully presented cuisine.  It’s heartwarming to watch Robin and Mark work together, as they operate so fluidly and as a true team, and the way they have grown their business is a testament not only to their dedication and love for what they do, but it’s also a testament to their dedication and love for one another.  I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring for Deliciously Different.  And it goes without saying that I absolutely cannot wait for the next wedding I get to shoot that’s catered by this dynamic duo – their cuisine is to die for, so I never turn down an invitation to fill a plate at their buffet.


Tell us a little history about your business and how it came to be.

Deliciously Different Specialty Items Inc. is a fairly new business here in the North Country.  We have been in business for a few years and just opened a shop this past February, located at 989 Route 9, Queensbury, in the same building as the new event venue 989 North. We are really excited about how our business has grown and that we have had great success meeting the needs of all of our clients. Although we have found a home in the wedding industry, we cater to all types of events; we also love house parties and more intimate affairs, as well as business parties and fundraising events.  We have been in the service business for a long time, and we love to help our clients bring their vision to life, as well as allow them to enjoy their own celebrations and they leave all the work in our hands.

We began our journey in this area when the event venue Burlap and Beams, located in Thurman,began theirs.  We were offered an opportunity to be part of Burlap and Beams first open house, and we have been busy ever since.  We feel blessed that we were part of the magic, as our business continues to grow. We have had the pleasure of working at many event venues in the area, and have a few new ones booked for the 2017 wedding season!


You recently unveiled a new addition to the catering services you offer – the Bar Car!  Can you share how the Bar Car came to into existence, from concept to execution? And could you provide some info on how it makes a strong addition to a wedding reception catered by Deliciously Different?

Oh, The Bar Car!  We are really excited about our new addition.  We are always toying with ideas of how we can make our company stand out from others.  Since many area couples opt for the unique and non traditional celebrations, we knew the Bar Car would be just the thing to help us stand out.  The Bar Car was modeled after a company from Melbourne Australia.  We saw their renovated trailer and instantly knew that it was right up our alley.  We began our search for the perfect trailer to renovate and soon found just the one.  I am lucky –  I am married to an unbelievable wood worker! So, as soon as the snow melted off her roof, Mark got busy. The work began on The Bar Car, a few colorful adjectives were used, and voila, The Bar Car was created!  We were able to offer it to our clients this season at a greatly discounted rate in order to get her out there and it was an instant hit!

The Bar Car adds so much to each event.  It is a wonderful conversation piece and it provides great photos ops.  It can be used as a bar, for an appetizer station, or for late night snack service.  We are proud to say that it was unveiled at the AIM Services Croquet Garden Party this year, a wonderful fundraiser for a great company.  We’re looking forward to serving them at that event again next year.


 What are some of your most popular dishes and why do you think people are drawn to incorporate them in their wedding day menu?

Some of our most popular items are found on our appetizer menu.  I am lucky that I am able to get out of the kitchen during our big events because I love to serve!  Some of the best moments for my husband Mark and I are when we are out in the crowd serving.  Most guests don’t know we’re the owners and when they say things like “Wow, these are amazing!”, “Dude, you have to try this!” , and “That’s incredible!” I am always happy to reply, “Thank You!”  The instantanous, unscripted responses are truly the best!

So to answer your question, what are some of my most popular dishes?  The ones that get that reaction!


What do you think sets you apart from the other caterers in the region?  Why might a couple be drawn to select you to handle one of the most important aspects of your day?

I only know what I do – those little and big things that make me feel great about how I do business.  We have been complemented not only on our food, but also, on our level of service.  We are a full service catering company, this means we arrive on property and take care of everything. We pride ourselves in being available to help the clients and their families have the best day they can have; whatever is required, from start to finish, to make the day as stress free as possible, we are there to help! One of the best ways to achieve this is to be present in the everyday operation of our business.  Mark and I try our best to be at each event; if we have multiple events on the same day, we split up to ensure that one of us is on site.  We strive to be “out and about,” rather than behind the scenes so that we know exactly what is going on at all times.  If there is an issue of any kind, we are usually the first to see it and attend to it so our clients and their guests don’t have to.


Tell us what inspires you….

Well, lots of things inspire me, but first and foremost, my family does.  I am married to a great partner, not only in business but in life.  He is so talented!  We highlight a lot of his creations in our food presentation.  Many of the unique cutting boards  were hand made by Mark as well as the signs and other woodwork you see in our displays, not to mention the Bar Car!  Our children are both so talented, they make me proud every day!  They are truly an inspiration to me.

It was an easy transition to move into this position. I have the pleasure of working with all types of people. Being invited into a family’s planning process for such an important day, it is a privilege. To have the opportunity to help plan these celebrations, it is a gift.  It is truly our pleasure to serve couples, their family and their friends on the day that marks the start of their new adventure.   We are blessed to be invited.


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