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Covyn | Four Months

It’s been a quiet season at CLH images Photography and as much as I love, love, love photography, I have to admit I’ve been lovin’ my time away.

And you’re about to see why…

I’ve spent the last four months hanging with my new little bundle of love.  He hasn’t been away from my side for more than three hours since he was born (see his newborn sesh here); he’s been my constant companion as I edited and posted my fall weddings, looking on wide-eyed and smiley.  He’s slept beside me every night (eight hours straight since three weeks!!); he’s accompanied me on walks; gone with me to baby yoga, to the grocery store, on lunch dates with friends, on hikes with daddy, to family dinners… you name it. And he does it all contentedly and without complaint.  Spending this time with him has been so… just… euphoric.  The best time of my life.

Here’s a little excerpt from a recent blog post that I wrote that I want to share here:

Having a child is magical, it’s life-altering, and it makes you grateful for every single second.  Even the seconds that are spent soothing their cries or changing their messy diapers.  Yup, those too.  Because as a parent you realize more acutely than you ever have before that time is not as infinite as it once seemed.  Every single second is the only one.  And it will pass so quickly, just like the second before and the one that will follow. Suddenly one day becomes two days and two days becomes two months and two months becomes two years.  And then those two years become twenty.  And on and on time marches, happily forward.  And one day you wake up wondering how it escaped you, even when you’ve done everything in your power to drink it all in.

Every day I take dozens of photos of my baby boy.  There’s something in me aching to freeze time, so that when memory fails me, I have a photo to fill in the spaces that my mind’s eye can no longer see: the way his toes curl when he’s in the bath; the way his mouth forms a perfect “O” when he’s hungry; the way his tiny bottom lip sticks out when he’s startled; the way he coos with contentment when he eats.  Everything.  And then there are all those times that I don’t take photos.  That I just sit there and stare at him and try to remember his every detail with my heart instead of with my eyes.

I have my first post maternity leave photo shoot next Friday and my first wedding next Saturday and I’m excited to get back into the game, but there’s no doubt I’ll be missing my boy at every turn.  Next Saturday will be the longest I’ve been away from this ball of sweetness since I became pregnant this time last Spring.  But I am so grateful for a job that allows me to do what I love and to also be with whom I love 75% of the time I’m not shooting.  How lucky am I?

So to celebrate his almost four months on this earth, and to remind my hands what it feels like to cradle the camera I know and love so well, Cove and I did a little impromptu ten minute photoshoot as a surprise for his daddy yesterday morning.  I wasn’t actually planning it, but we woke up and had no pressing plans, there was beautiful white light shining through the blinds, and this boy was having a blast just cooing at my funny faces and feeling free and easy in nothing but a diaper.  And we had that moment.  And it was only going to last for just one second.

Although this guy is super smiley, he wasn’t feeling so yesterday morning when I shot these, but that’s okay.  This is who he is – sweet blue eyes, wild stray hairs, an easy peaceful spirit, chubby baby rolls and all.



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