Covyn | Christmas Morning

So the time of year has arrived where I have enough of a lull in my shooting schedule –thanks so this cold Upstate NY weather– that I am able to commit some time to a few business and personal projects that got put off during the busy season.  High on the priority list are painting the back staircase, selling unused lenses, taxes (blah!), putting up a backsplash in the kitchen, working on a shiny new website (yay!), and the list continues…  But the best part about having a short little break from shooting is that I get to spend a bit of time working on some personal photos that have been figuratively gathering dust on my hard drive.

And so, with that, I bring you my son Covyn’s first Christmas.  Here he is at home on Christmas morning, basking in the glow of the lights on the tree and playing with his new stash of treasures.  It’s insane to look back at these photos, which are only two months old, and see how much he has already changed and grown.  How quickly it goes.

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