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The month of May’s fetured vendor post introduces you to the incredible Rachel Duncan of Color Me Gorgeous.  I met Rachel for the first time last summer while photographing Ashley and her bridal party as they prepped for a beautiful Revolution Hall wedding.  I was so impressed by Rachel’s aura that day – she was easy going but professional, and I could immediately sense that her main goal was to assist in kicking off Ashley’s wedding day with nothing but good vibes.   Since then, I have diligently followed Rachel’s posts on social media and watched her work through a full wedding season with ease and positivity, and I’ve also gotten the chance to see her revamp the face of her business with a fresh website and a brand new logo, which represents what she stands for so beautifully.  Be sure to check her out on the links provided below.  

Rachel is 100% invested in creating a stellar experience for her clients, and she’s no secret-keeper when it comes to assisting her brides to feel their absolute best on their wedding day.  For all of you up and coming brides, here’s an insider tip straight from the expert herself:

“Brides get so busy and a lot of times the stress of the planning takes a toll on the skin. The better shape your skin is in, the better your makeup will look. I promise. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub weekly and use a good moisturizer and eye cream! Brides are often concerned with “cakey” makeup or the makeup separating. That happens from dry skin; The makeup will collect in patches of dry skin. Exfoliating helps trememdously. Getting facials every 4-6 weeks is ideal, but if it’s not in the budget try one a few months before the wedding and then another 3 weeks before the wedding to avoid any reactions. Drink lots of water and try to cut back on the caffeine (says the coffee junkie lol). Beautiful makeup starts with healthy, hydrated skin.”

If you haven’t yet booked a makeup artist for your big day, Color Me Gorgeous should certainly be on your must-contact list.  And now, without firther ado, some more words from Rachel…

How did your business, Color me Gorgeous, take shape? Can you share a little bit about the journey that brought you to where you are today?

I’ve always loved skincare and makeup. Growing up I struggled with cystic acne and had a really terrible time with my skin. I’m naturally very fair with freckles, so finding a foundation to match then was impossible. I was always mixing and matching to try to get the right color. I have a pretty extensive background in beauty. I was in Education with Sephora for four years.  The training and education I received was incredible. I met and trained with global artists and brand founders like Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown and many others. Then I worked on the brand end managing territories for Philosophy, Laura Mercier, and Peter Thomas Roth. All the while I was doing weddings on the weekends. I never felt as amazing as when I was working with brides and their parties. I could be on location with them from 4am on and still come home bouncing and revitalized. I was doing what I loved. One day I realized I needed to stop being afraid and just go for it. Wow. Three wedding seasons later and here we are. The love and support I have gotten is overwhelming. From my clients to the incredible vendors I meet, I am surrounded by this contagious talent and excitement. It definitely gets crazy and super busy, but I wouldn’t trade one second of this beautiful journey.  

What draws you toward styling brides and bridal parties?  What do you like most about it?

It’s the most important day of a bride’s life. She’s dreamt about this day since she was a little girl. She’s spent a year or more planning all the special details and intricacies . The morning of the wedding is this precious and special time. It’s where the bride gets ready with her childhood friends, she cries with her mom, she reminisces and prepares to merge her life and heart with her soulmate. She is surrounded by so much immense love and joy and I am personally invited to join and take part in that experience. I get to watch the different caveats of these relationships and share in these memories. It is an absolute honor and a privilege that I get the opportunity to share in all of this joy and love. The lipstick I chose to put on a bride is going to be the first kiss she has as a wife. That’s magical.

Can you share one of the most memorable moments you’ve had working in the wedding industry?

I have so many sweet and touching ones. I’ll share one from this year. It’s a funny one. While wrapping my first wedding of the season, my lovely bride came up to me and sheepishly asked me for a favor. “Our cat was mad at us last night and jumped all over the groom’s head while he was sleeping. He scratched his head pretty bad. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but the groom is bald. Is there anything you can do to cover up his scratches? He’s probably not going to let you touch him with makeup, but I thought we could try.” I got to the groom’s room and there he was, red scratches all over his head, surrounded by his rowdy groomsmen and the photographer. “Hi I’m Rachel, I’m the makeup artist, I’m here to cover up those scratches.” He, of course, protested. I replied, “I’m sorry to do this, but it’s at the request of the bride, so you don’t have much of a choice.” This poor guy! He bent down, so I coulf cover his head while his groomsmen started filming and taking photos; the photographer was loving it! Haha. We got him all fixed up and ready to get married. What a good sport. I love that story.  

If you could give any piece of advice to your brides and/or bridal parties what would it be? 

Live in every single moment of your bridal journey. Take a deep breath. Feel all the love and beauty that’s surrounding you throughout this process. Trust me, I know it can be a process. The moment you see your “forever” standing at the end of that aisle everything else just melts away. Steal away a moment of time throughout the night that’s just for you both to let this wonderful experience sink in. Hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, or just laugh. I did this at my wedding and it’s one of my favorite memories.

Tell us about what inspires you…

The beauty of being a woman. It’s as simple as that. I have the most amazing job in the world and I say that with every fiber of my being. I genuinely think I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. I get to wake up in the morning and I know that I am going to connect with incredible women with amazing stories. I get invited into the most private parts of these women’s’ lives. I get to meet their families and children. I get the chance to get to know them and learn about their individual personalities. I listen to what inspires them, what they see for themselves, and I get to share their visions.  I get to share in some of the most intimate and important moments in these women’s lives and it’s such a privilege. I love women. I love being able to bring out this tremendous confidence in them. To be able to empower them with this take-over-the-world attitude is amazing. I have seen the power of makeup and the way it can transform. As much as I am drawn to the power of makeup, I am as equally as drawn to the amazing people it transforms.

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