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In our digital world it’s far too easy to receive a USB of images from your photo session or wedding and toss it in a drawer until you can find the time, another day, to pull it out and locate an online site or a local photo processor from which to order prints. The problem with another day is that it soon becomes some day and then some day fades into never. But don’t forget: the reason you had photos taken was to capture “the now” so that it could be immortalized forever, so get online, share those images, print them now; don't let “some day” get the best of you.


I have made it as easy and affordable view, share, and process your photos straight from your web gallery. If you need some instructions on how to do this, see below. But first, a little caution…


In-store printing available at establishments like Wal-mart, Target, Rite-aid, etc are not professional grade and will compromise the quality, color, and crop of your photos (see examples below). I recommend that you order photos through your virtual album. All photos ordered through your gallery will be printed by Bay Photo, a high quality professional grade printer and they will arrive at your door within 4-5 business days. Super simple.


Original Images vs Target Prints

How to download images from your virtual album

1) Go to


2) Select your web gallery.


3) To download the entire virtual album, click "download all" at the top of the screen. To download a single image, click on the photo you’d like to download, click the download icon on the bottom right of your screen. You will be prompted to enter a password. Passwords are provided via email to clients who ordered digital downloads.


Please note that there are two sets of images - high resolution images and a set of images that have been resized for on screen viewing and online use that contain a watermark, When viewing your high resolution images on the computer, you may notice that they appear a bit fuzzy and lack sharpness. This is because they have been saved in a very large format that is best for print use, as well as for creating other items with your images (ie. photo books, calendars, cards, etc.) When printed, your images will appear as they are intended. If you'd like to view your images/share them with others on screen (computer, ipad, etc), it is strongly recommend that you view/share the resized images that contain the watermark - this set will appear sharp on screen. If you plan to post images online, please use this set of images; they have been resized appropriately for use on facebook and other online formats. Be sure not to resize them before uploading them online - as this will compromise the quality of your images.


As per the contract, further editing of these images, other than cropping, is strictly prohibited.

How to order prints from your virtual album

1) Go to


2) Select your web gallery.


3) Click on any photo.


4) In the bottom right hand corner click “Add to Cart”. From there you have the option to order a single photo or you can choose to be directed to a page that displays all images from your gallery. Here you can click on which photos you’d like to order and choose your size and quantity.


If ordering traditional prints, please note that they are available in three different finishes – matte, glossy, lustre and metallic. The descriptions below should help you determine the finish that’s best for you:


Matte – a flat, texturized, non-glare finish with low contrast. Matte photos will not show fingerprints when handled and they frame well because the finish resists glare. Due to the texture, matte photos will not appear as sharp as other finishes.


Glossy – A coated paper resulting in a smooth, shiny finish. This finish is great for showing off crisp, bright colors and sharp, saturated contrast in images. Glossy paper will show fingerprints if not handled properly. It’s best not to choose a glossy finish if you plan to frame your prints, as the finish will stick to the glass.


Lustre – The finish of this paper falls somewhere between matte and glossy – it has a lovely contrast and color saturation, but it resists fingerprints when handled. The texture of the paper is often described as “pearl-like”, as it has a slight gloss coating but is glare resistant. It is the “go-to” finish to choose if you plan to frame your prints.


Metallic – This is an extremely durable finish that produces an almost chrome-like, 3D appearance with an exceptional sharpness. The one thing to be aware of when choosing this option is that it may blow out the whites in a photo, causing the image to lose important detail in lighter areas. Note: the CLH images logo will not appear on your final print.


Note: The CLH images Photography logo will not appear on your printed photos

How to share photos on social media

1) Go to


2) Select your web gallery.


3) Click on the photo you’d like to share.


4) In the bottom right hand corner click click on the “share” icon. From there you have the option to share your photo on facebook, Google plus, Twitter, or via email. You even have the option to create a slideshow from your gallery which you can share on a your favorite social media site.

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