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I met Joe first – he was standing outside of the Groom’s Barn in a dapper blue suit and when I walked up to say hi, I was instantly struck by his kind eyes and easy personality.  We got started with photos right away –a few of Joe hanging in the Adirondack Barn– and then we headed outside to meet up with his family.  I was immediately taken by this crew:  they are fun-loving, playful, and they clearly all adore each other.  And do you want to know the cutest thing ever? Along with his cousin, Joe chose his three nephews to stand beside him as his groomsmen.

After grabbing some family photos and a few independent shots of Joe’s groomsboys, I headed into the Bridal Barn to hang out with Erin and her VIP. The second I walked in, I was overcome with the contagious joy that danced through the space.  Erin’s dad, mom, sisters, cousin, and flowergirl were so effusive with their admiration toward Erin that I was moved to tears.  This girl is beyond loved.  And she was beyond stunning.

As the day progressed, I learned a few really cool facts that I just have to share with you…

  • Erin and Joe chose to be married on September 12th because it’s Erin’s parents’ anniversary.  The date is clearly already marked with good fortune.
  • Although her dainty facade may fool you, Erin is a powerhouse.  She has run the Boston Marathon. Twice.  Blindfolded.  Yup, you read that correctly – she ran blindfolded to raise funding and awareness for Team National Braille Press.  She’s also a competetive ice hockey player.  This girl means business; she definitely doesn’t settle for just good enough, and that couldn’t be more clear in her choice to spend the rest of her life with Joe.
  • Erin and Joe opened up the outdoor dancefloor with their own choreographed dance to “Shut up and Dance with Me”, complete with Erin doing a running leap into Joe’s open arms.
  • It rained on Erin and Joe’s wedding day.  Good luck, and made even luckier since the skies held out until after all of the outdoor festivities had concluded.
  • Erin’s family has a tradition of passing around a bottle of alcohol at family gatherings. It’s wrapped in brown paper and everyone in attendance must take a swig of the mystery liquid and sign their name to the bag. It was hysterical watching the bottle make its way around the room, cradled in the hands of a very spirited family member who didn’t miss a single opportunity to dare guests to take a sip.
  • Joe is a crier.  Of course there is nothing sweeter than a man who can embrace the moment, be fully present in his emotions, and let it flow.  Joe cried more than once during the ceremony and then again as he danced with his mother during the reception. It totally melted everyone in attendance.
  • It’s not hard to see why Erin and Joe turned out to be the incredible people they are. One of the highlights of this day was being in the presence of Erin and Joe’s parents and sisters. Their ebullient positivity and sheer delight toward every detail –from Erin’s dress, to the gorgeous ceremony, straight down to the food that was served and everything in between– was completely infectious.  It was a joy to be in the presence of such thoroughly great people.

As you’ll see, I had a hard time narrowing down the hundreds of shots from this day into a concise post, so I give you just a small portion of my favorites here.  I hope I’ve done the day its due justice and that you can feel the happiness and excitement and awesome energy pouring forth from every image.

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Burlap and Beams | Band – Silver Arrow Band | Hair and Makeup – Changes Salon | Wedding Planner – Debbie McNairy | Catering –Deliciously Different Specialty Items | Table Settings – Pieceful Settings | Dessert – Lake George Baking Company 


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