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This month’s feature is on the amazingly talented Kenny Hopkins of Kenneth Cooper Films (formerly Aurora Cinema), based out of Queensbury.  I was lucky enough to have Kenny’s path cross mine back in July when we both shot Jessica and Ryan’s wedding day at Burlap and Beams in Warrensburg.  I’ve worked beside many videographers in my time as a wedding photographer and I have to say that I was immediately struck by Kenny’s sincere professionalism. Together we immediatly fell into a balance with one another in which we were able to work together, rather than in competition, for the shots we were striving for in order to capture the day from our own artistic perspective.

Kenny is super driven and you see it in the way he works with such focus and determination, but he also knows how to laugh and have a good time, making a couple feel comfortable and at ease in his presence.  And it shows in the process and final execution of his art.  Please take the time to check out his films on his website linked below.  And while you’re there, take a second to check out the gorgeous custom USB and DVD products he offers. They’re seriously sharp.

As a photographer, I always find it fascinating how another creative eye may capture the exact same subjects, scene, and environment, so below I share with you Jessica and Ryan’s wedding day, as presented by me in photos, and as captured by Kenny in film – a rendering so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes


And now, some words from Kenny:

Share the story of where your business began and how it grew into what it is today

Well, I’ve been creative since I could hold a pencil. I made films in high school but began studying graphic design in college. One day my wife and I were talking and I told her that what I really loved and wished I could pursue was filmmaking, she simply said “So why not do it?” From there I started filming and editing for other local companies for several years, and eventually decided to go out on my own and launch Kenneth Cooper Films.

Not all couples choose to have a videographer capture their wedding day.  Can you share some insight for the couples out there planning a wedding – why is it important/worth considering having video footage in addition to photos?

Sure! When I meet people and tell them what I do for a living almost 100% of the time their response is “Really? I wish we had video of our day, that’s our biggest regret.” However, I find that in the planning stage most people seem to put hiring a video company on the back burner, if there’s enough left in the budget they will consider it. Here are three simple reason I encourage couples toward investing in documenting their day with video.

1 – Good filmmaking moves us.

It tells our stories back to us on a deeper level, while also revealing things about ourselves and others that we never knew. If done well, a film can leave us fulfilled, inspired, and hopeful.

A wedding brings together all the most important elements of your two lives into one day with love notes, beautiful vows, and heartfelt toasts from your favorite people, all while enjoying drinks, dancing, & celebration. Taking elements of your day and weaving them into a film dedicated to your love story will give you something that you will enjoy together forever, learning something new each time you watch it, and enable you to pass down who you are to the people you care about most.

2 – Everyone you love and everyone who loves you will be there.

Grandparents, distant relatives, college friends, and little ones will share memories and make memories with you. You will feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt, and laugh the hardest you’ve ever laughed. Seeing all these elements in motion can bring us to a different place than still photography. Not better or worse, just different, which brings me to my final point…

3 – Filmmaking includes audio!

Photography has a wonderful aesthetic, can be hung on the walls of your home, and it’s amazing to be able to relive a single moment that’s captured beautifully. However, filmmaking has the additional element of audio. Recording the words spoken during your special day and being able to hear the love in your vows, the emotion in your maid of honor’s toast, and the joy and anticipation before you first see each other is a wonderfully unique gift that only filmmaking can offer.

 All in all, I highly recommend considering who you would have to film your day (aesthetic quality, production quality, experience) and set aside an appropriate portion of your budget to invest in your once in a lifetime story that you WILL want to watch over and over again.

Share a story about a time you realized how important your work is to couples

When our couples receive their finished product, they always tell us how much they absolutely love how we captured their day, their love, and their life. The phenomenal feedback we get on the art we produce is what keeps us going, motivating us even more to do the same for other couples on one of the biggest days of their lives.

There are so many awesome stories, but one particular time we truly knew the impact we had was when the mother of the bride told us this story: the groom had overcome a major life struggle prior to the wedding day, leading to a changed life. His story came out throughout the day in the first look, vows, and toasts, and she was (and the bride and groom were) so thankful to us for documenting their memories and saw their wedding film as a testament that positive life change is possible.

Share a story about your most memorable moment as a wedding videographer

I have a few hilarious moments that will stick with me forever, but continuing with the more sentimental moments I’d have to say that my most memorable time was with one of my first clients. She told me that she absolutely loved my work and that she would pay whatever it cost to have me film her wedding. This was early on when my style wasn’t as developed or refined, and I knew that, so hearing someone say those words was incredibly encouraging. It definitely helped me progress in my work as an artist and in the services I provide to my clients.


What inspires you?

What inspires me? From day one: My wife Ali. She is such a wonderful free spirit, so creative, and such an interesting person that I can’t help but take cues from her on how to love people, pursue my passion, and be a person of integrity in my business and personal life. She is amazing.


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