The Berrys | Family Photo Session

There is no doubt that one of the biggest blessings in life has been the steady presence of my best friend Megan.  Megan and I have known each other since we were in kindergarten and there is no way I could imagine life without her.  Growing up, I spent a decent amount of time hanging out at Megan’s house.  Megan’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Berry (Jim and Carol) always had the best snacks on hand and whenever I’d sleep over, they’d usually wake to find that we’d raided their stock of cheez-its, pretzels, and (my favorite) pepperoncinis at some point during the night.  Although Mr. Berry regularly made it a point to remind me that I had a loud mouth, he and Mrs. Berry always welcomed me with a smile.

A  few years ago Megan’s older brother, Bryan, unknowingly did my life a massive service my making the choice to move back to the area after a handful of years away.   With him came his beautiful wife, Sarah.  One night Sarah invited me over for drinks.  We chatted for hours and our bond was instant.

Megan and Bryan have carried on the Berry family’s good looks and sweet nature through two beautiful families of their own. Megan and her husband Matt have three boys:  Jackson, Noah, and Logan.  And Bryan and Sarah have two children:  Charlotte and Everett.  To celebrate her beautiful family, Megan organized a group photo session, complete with all three generations:  Megan, Matt and their children.  Bryan, Sarah, and their children.  And, of course, Jim and Carol – the pair who started it all.

Looking through these photos was so much fun, as it forced me to slow down and recall how quickly the Berry family has grown into what it is today.  Time sure does speed along at an awfully quick pace. If you want to see just how fast it flies, click here to view Megan’s family in 2013, and click here to view Bryan’s family in 2013.

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