Hi, I’m Jay

I’m a professional dork. There, I said it! As a person, I’m an easy going, worst-case scenario prepping, nerdy detail-seeking, fun-loving, empathy-driven, informed-deciding, multifaceted human. Unapologetically myself is how I see the only way to live, and the only way I want people to express themselves. Photography expresses that, with no escape.

I’m a storyteller; I tell couples’ stories by documenting them in moments that are unique to them. These moments aren’t always grand gestured moments – sometimes they are moments of internal reflection while I tell you say sweet nothings to each other. Sometimes it’s me doing something silly that I know will get your love to laugh. Sometimes, it’s me telling you to hug each other tight and soak in a quiet moment together. Sometimes, you’re on the dance floor, surrounded by a million of your guests and all you care to think about is who you’re dancing with right in that moment. Whatever these moments are, they are yours and I want to tell your story.

How you felt, how you laughed, how you lived.


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