The Foleys | Family Photo Session

Last week I made a trip out to Cleveland, Ohio to visit family.  While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Kris; her beautiful one year old twins, Lauren and Caitlin; and her three year old son, Jack.  Because I don’t know the Cleveland area well, Kris scouted out a location before I arrived to town and found a beautiful, shaded area of the Metro Parks Reservation that would be perfect for our early morning shoot.

The evening before the session, Kris and I touched base on the phone.  She reported that the weather forecast called for a 40% chance of rain.  Although there was a backup plan in place, it wouldn’t be executed unless the morning greeted us with dark clouds. I awoke the  following day to nothing but sunshine and blue skies.  No need to access that backup plan, right…?

When I arrived for the shoot, the sun was shining brilliantly as were the smiles on Caitlin, Lauren, and Jack’s faces.  We were ready to get started!  But… as bad luck would have it, roughly forty five minutes into the shoot, it began to sprinkle.  Kris’ mother-in-law ushered the girls into the SUV to stay dry, and I fiercely hoped the rain would pass. poky little puppy online

No. Such Luck.

Just as Kris, Jack, and I ducked under a pavilion, the sky let loose.  Under the cover of the pavilion, Jack enjoyed his cameo as I captured some shots of him all geared out in his father’s old little league shirt, holding his ball and glove.

Despite the rain, I enjoyed this session in its entirety.  But my favorite moment, by far, occurred when Jack and his mom snuck away with me to get some pictures of just the two of them on a trail at the edge of the wood.  I snapped shot after shot as they played as if I wasn’t present.  And then, suddenly …out of the clear blue… a look of sheer joy come across Jack’s face.  He jumped up, threw his arms around his mom’s neck, and exclaimed with sincere glee “You are my very best friend, Mommy!”

I melted.

It’s a moment like that –caught in a photograph– that makes what I do worth every second.

Little Jack:  I hope you never forget the feeling of being three and of your mom being your best friend.  Should the feeling fade, if just for a second, may it return to you when you look at these photos.

Ethel - These pictures are so sweet, they made me cry!!! Carrie, my dear friend, you are doing wonderful work, capturing those special, fleeting moments in all our lives.

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