Jenny & Jim | Maternity

She is somewhere in the sunlight strong,

Her tears are in the falling rain,  

She calls to me in the wind’s soft song,

And with the flowers she comes again.

-Richard Le Gallienne -

I don’t know where to begin in blogging about this session.  There is something in the soft look of adoration that flickers in Jenny’s eyes each time she gazes at Jim that could just make your heart go to mush.  Add to that her stunning pregnant glow, a beautiful grove of trees, and a trip downtown for an ice cream cone and you have the perfect recipe for an awesomely engaging, dynamic photo session.  

Jenny and Jim decided to kick off their session near the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga – the venue where their wedding reception was held.  We were happy to grab photos outside, but when Jenny conveniently discovered that the back entrance was open we decided to take advantage and shoot inside.  Of course we saw nothing wrong with this since the door was ajar, but Saratoga police didn’t quite agree with our perspective.  Our entrance set off an alarm that alerted the police, who arrived abruptly and displeased.  We were accused of trespassing, asked to show our IDs, and given a brief talking to. Even though my deep aversion to confrontation  almost caused me to pee myself with fear, we were let off without incident.  It’s safe now to say that every second of our trespassing excursion was worth it because the photos from our stint inside the museum melt like butter.  Besides, as Jenny pointed out – at least they’ll have a fun story to tell baby boy when he’s all grown up.

As you’ll see, midway through the session a golden light spread across the scene. One instant Jenny was standing in a shadow and the next there was a gorgeous yellow beam of sunshine illuminating her face.  Usually I’d say the great lighting was a stroke of luck, but this felt different: serene.  Unmistakably magical.

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Meggie - Such beautiful shots of beautiful people!

Karri - Thank you for capturing Jenny & Jim’s love for each other so perfectly! The beauty and utter joy in their eyes for their baby to be! With much love and peacefulness, Karri

Devon - Amazing shots lady.. :))

Stuart Austin - from the UK - Awwwww….. BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! It’s amazing what love can do when two people love each other so much!! Carrie your photography is a gift, thank you for sharing these wonderful, breathtaking photos and lots of special moments for Jenny & Jim to keep forever! All the best to Jenny & Jim in their future with a little one on its way!! Stu from the UK :) :) :)

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